angyali ördög...ördögi angyal?

még az angyalok is bűnbe esnek.
♥hi,i'm Dorka,i'm 18 and I'm blond.♥F1 is my life.♥Sebastian Vettel is a true champion.He's amazing.♥Vitaly Petrov is the cutest person ever!♥Nico is a princess,but that's okay.♥I love WTCC and Michelisz Norbi is the BEST.♥Iker Casillas is just perfect.♥The Spanish National Team.♥Mesut Özil is cute.♥Spain is the country where I want to live.♥Finland is my second home.♥I love learning languages.♥Tommi&Heikki♥Dr House and HIMYM are awesome.
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